CBSE Class 7 Mathematics Question Paper Set C

Luckily, there is a sale going on in that shop. There is a discount of 25% for every purchase. Now Akshay wants to calculate the cost of the toy that he has selected, after the discount.

find the whole quantity if

Let us find the fractions of class 5, class 6, and class 7 children. The discount per cent is always calculated on the marked price of an fib speed resistance fan item, not the selling price. Let us learn about something called ‘cess.’ Cess is the form of tax charged over and above the other tax.

Mathematics Question Paper Class 7

To express a given quantity as a percentage of a whole follow this strategy. Who do you think did better in the exam, Reeta or Anu? Since Reeta scored 450 marks out of 600 and Anu scored 425 marks out of 500, can we say Reeta did better? No, we cannot decide who did better just by comparing their marks. We should convert the marks into a percentage.

find the whole quantity if

Click here to download NCERT Solutions for questions of Class 7 Mathematics NCERT Book. Access NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Mathematics. The population of a city decreased from 25,000 to 24,500.

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It is different from the simple interest. The previous year’s interest is not added to the principal while calculating the simple interest. After 3 years she gets an interest of ₹331, but when she calculates the interest, what she is supposed to get is ₹300. She gets confused and asks her father as to how she gets an interest of ₹331. Then her father explains to her that the banks never charge simple interest but they charge interest based on the compound interest.

  • The price at which the product is sold to a customer after the discount is called selling price .
  • The reduction in the marked price of an item offered by the seller is called discount.
  • The maximum marks are different in both tests, in such cases if we convert the fraction into percentage, it becomes easier to compare.
  • Percentage formula is defined as a number represented as fraction of 100.
  • In general, profit and loss are expressed as a percentage.

Interest is calculated as the percentage for a period of one year that is per annum. Interest on ₹100 for 1 year is known as the rate per cent per annum. All the children in class 7B are eagerly waiting for their test marks. The teacher comes to the class and announces that she is going to give the marks in the form of a ratio. Let us find the percentages of class 5, class 6, and class 7 children.

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So, it is decreasing in compounded form. Do you think is it possible to get different interest when the interest rate and principal are the same? In Jyothi’s case, the interest is compounded annually.

The price at which the product is sold to a customer after the discount is called selling price . The price at which a seller bought an item or product is called the cost price . For e.g., to calculate the increase in the population of the country, we compare the population of the current year to the previous year.

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A refrigerator bought for Rs. 12,000 and sold at Rs. 13,500. Hence, ₹200 is the simple interest to be paid for the principal ₹2,000 for one year. Then the interest that must be paid for one year is 10% of ₹2,000. The total money paid by the borrower at the end is called the amount. To the borrowed money at the end, we need to pay an extra amount that is called interest.

  • We need to find the value of the bicycle after 2 years.
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  • To compare fractional numbers, we need a common denominator.
  • To solve problems on profit and loss, understand the question, identify what is given and what is to be found.

Tell what is the profit or loss in the following transactions. Also find profit percent or loss percent in each case. Hence, Akshay has enough money to buy that toy and he must pay ₹450 after applying the discount. Convert the percentage to a fraction by dividing the percentage by 100. Reduce the fraction to the simplest form and remove the sign %.

(b) 12% of it is Rs 1080.

The money borrowed from a bank is called the principal or the sum. Perform cross multiplication to find the cost price for the given selling price. Since the situation is loss, the selling price should be less than the cost price. We know that loss is 12% of the cost price. Anu bought a crayon for ₹20 and made a loss of ₹4 by selling it at ₹16. Hence, Anu had a better increase in the number of pencils.

Application of it while solving problems of such kinds is very helpful. Percentages are widely used to compare different quantities. Watch the video to understand the need for percentages. The profit or loss per cent is always calculated on the cost price of an item, not the selling price. But if we are asked to find the population at the end of 10 years, then we need to find an efficient way to do it.

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