The Parallels Between NFT Art And Photography

We’ve seen a number of ways that NFT art has paralleled photography, not only in their beginnings but also as they’ve grown as media and been employed by artists in order to further their practice. As a matter of fact, photography as a medium for creativity has become a central part of everyday life and serves as the base of communication and self-expression used by every generation. Following on from the previous point, photography completely changed the trajectory of how traditional art and painting in particular evolved. Non-fungible tokens are unique and authentic and cannot be copied or changed, they also record every sale or trade on the blockchain, creating a transparent record that anyone can check at any time. With the use of photography, it became much cheaper and quicker to create an artwork and even possible for the common person to have one’s likeness recorded. NFTs are used to establish ownership and create scarcity of a digital asset, assigning value to the asset being represented. Litecoin founder Charlie Lee has warned that he sees “a lot of parallels” between this year’s non-fungible token craze and previous trends that have gripped the crypto world.

  • Parallel Alpha has one of the most detailed systems of rights and special cards, making the game impossible without NFT ownership.
  • Parallel Alpha managed to launch its open beta version, though it stated some of the early card sales had a goal of raising funds for development.
  • So the universal card is a bit like the trump card in playing cards, and it is the only card that can be used with any set of cards.
  • They’re most useful for proving the ownership and scarcity of an asset and have caught on in digital art, gaming, music, and many other sectors this year.
  • Some are Masterpiece, or Unique NFT. Others are resource cards or cosmetics such as altered card backs.

We’ve seen how they’ve made art more accessible to the masses and stood their ground until finally being recognised by the establishments. Both have not only enhanced the abilities and opportunities of traditional art but also changed the entire trajectory of art history. Despite it taking such a long time for photography to gain respect and prestige in the traditional fine art world; it’s clear to see just how popular and creative it has become. It has also become a foundational element of communities and cultures worldwide.


The equipment type they require will be dependent on the game activities they want to participate in. Britney Spears sparked concern among fans after she shared not one but 11 nude photos in an hour on Instagram on Thursday. The 40-year-old recently landed in London, and it wasn’t long before she made herself at home in her hotel room by stripping down to her thong. The Toxic hitmaker then uploaded a series of skin-flashing photos and videos of her posing on her hotel bed in her underwear to social media. “Our mission is to empower DeFi users by offering seamless and innovative products. As the DeFI sector continues to exponentially expand, we’re incredibly excited to continue to build off this momentum.” If you can’t reach him, he’s probably wandering in some metaverse.

This was executed with a vision for emphasizing the new Intertrust Platform in emerging growth areas, so that an energy executive, for example, has a better understanding of the value of Intertrust to their industry. In this video we talk about Sci-Fi card/ game NFT collection, Parallel Alpha which has been in the top 10 rankings on OpenSea the past few days. The links above are pulled from OpenSea and may change at any time, even OpenSea’s link. All sales data is based on blockchain data for this contract address. To play Parallel, players must first collect a full deck of cards representing a single Parallel faction. Attributes are not yet integrated into the cards, but they will be in the near future. Rand Han believes that forward-thinking fashion brands using digital collectible strategies in China also have the potential to gain brand equity because successful campaigns signal modernity and demonstrate a certain cool factor.

NINE i, Parallel Universe 나인아이, Parallel Universe

So far, fashion brands like Coach that have started experimenting with digital collectibles in China have approached it as a new kind of incentive for customers, something akin to the traditional gift with purchase. Just last week, NFTs made headline news when Tmall’s parent company Alibaba released four designs of virtual badges featuring Winter Olympics sports depicted in traditional Chinese ink-painting style. Over at Alibaba’s rival Tencent, parent company of WeChat, executives teamed up with a UNESCO world heritage site in China to digitalise the ancient wall paintings of the Mogao Caves. The money raised from the sale of the project’s NFTs was donated to help preserve the artworks.
According to the team, 1 deck will consist of 40 cards, which includes any card from a single Parallel, plus several Universal cards. Each deck is limited to 3 copies of a card, except in the case of Legendaries, which are limited to 1 copy. This limitation applies to both the deck’s Parallel-specific cards and Universal cards. Its design team members have experience in Blizzard, Epic Games, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft/Ubisoft, DreamWorks Animation/DreamWorks Animation and many other large studios. With this, you own the digital copyright of whatever you create. By using AI, the technology scans identities to make sure that every NFT is unique. NFT traits are unable to share more than 85% similarity, giving you complete ownership of your distinctive creation. Sandbox is even another #gamefi entry in the blockchain gaming world. As with many facets of creativity, both NFT art and photography have become central elements of the community and have encouraged new communities to grow around them.

With photography offering an easier method for the realistic representation of a subject, artists began experimenting and searching for ways to create artworks in ways that couldn’t be replicated by a camera; exploring new subjects and techniques for creating. In the traditional art world, certificates of authenticity have long been the way of establishing authenticity and provenance; serving as essential physical documents for the artworks they accompany. The problem with paper documents is that they can be easily stolen, copied or forged. Like photography, digital art has been long used commercially but given no real staying power or determinable value due to its easily reproduced nature. There are numerous parallels between NFT art and photography, and one clear factor is that many of these parallels overlap and feed into each other. Those are just some of the parallels between NFT art and photography and we’ll be looking in depth at those parallels and more in this article. And you can catch up with all of the latest crypto news in the CoinMarketCap newsletter. For example when people used to collect Pokemon or Yugioh cards.

Axie Infinity has experienced a rapid rise in recent weeks, with the game’s native token AXS surging 469% this month. Send tips, suggestions, complaints and compliments to our Shanghai-based Asia Correspondent Shein has transformed from virtually unknown to one of the world’s fastest growing apparel brands. “We are thinking about the potential for collaboration with other industries brands.

The parallel trading card game is a sci-fi trading card game that uses non-flagged tokens to give players ownership of their cards and other game assets. The cards can be used to build a deck and play online games on a mobile or online client, as well as a mobile game currently in development. China’s tech giants are jostling for position in the rapidly evolving space for unique digital assets authenticated and minted using blockchain technology. The Omni protocol aims to provide users access to cash and profits without selling their assets, here the assets can be NFT or some other ERC-20 tokens.

Tom Sachs: Rocket Man to Renaissance Man – The New York Times

Tom Sachs: Rocket Man to Renaissance Man.

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Led jointly by results in mainland China and North America, the world’s largest cosmetics group’s sales rose 11.2 percent on a like-for-like basis over the last three months of 2021 to €9.09 billion ($10.40 billion), beating the €8.74 billion forecast of analysts. Online shopping grew to represent almost one-third of sales in the quarter and L’Oréal reported record sales on Alibaba’s Tmall platform during China’s Singles Day shopping festival in November. China market experts believe that leveraging digital collectibles as part of wider marketing and branding strategies will become more common. China is building its own blockchain and NFT infrastructure that differ in some ways to the technology used in other parts of the world. Paradigm VC, which boasts an extensive portfolio of blockchain investments such as UniSwap, Maker and Chainalysis, was impressed by its “unique approach” and bullish community. Parallel has joined the growing collection of blockchain games experiencing a meteoric rise. Runes are cube-shaped materials that are used to construct The Parallel metaverse. Runes can be found anywhere in the game’s universe and are used to build and craft in-game items such as lands, weapons, etc., along with game characters. Runes feature various levels, attributes, and rarities , which will determine the level of power and ability the items constructed with them will possess. To begin playing, each player has to create an account and receive a basic character .

What Is NFT Art?

The data on this site comes from various NFT marketplaces and from the NFT project creators themselves. We also source NFT community statistics directly from Twitter and Discord. I’m fascinated with everything related to crypto analysis, blockchain and decentralized currencies. The Intertrust boss accuses us of nit-picking, and we wholeheartedly agree. “There are no plans to sell anything,” he reiterates, pointing to tremendous growth for the ExpressPlay business in China, India, Europe, the US, and even Africa.

The Crypto Revolution – by David Hoffman – Bankless

The Crypto Revolution – by David Hoffman.

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The Parallel have access to not only a boundless universe of parallel worlds that are player-content-created, but they can also write new stories, develop vibrant communities, decide on governance, modes of play, and even socio-economic structure. The Parallel is incredibly inclusive for all demographics of users. Sure you can hop right in with the free character everyone gets at the start and begin playing immediately, but for the creatives out there, this game is equally aimed at letting you flex your creative muscles. P2E tokens saw a strong recovery, with most top games still keeping their player count up.
parallels nft
Coach is very strong on collaboration, and we have the China Cool Project with young artists so it could be working with one of them to make NFT art,” she said. Richard Hobbs also believes that developing China-specific digital collectibles remains a valuable proposition for brands, even if they are not perfectly aligned with the spirit of NFTs elsewhere. Unofficial and non-state-sanctioned second-hand markets for NFTs have popped up in China in the past, and buyers have attempted to flip their digital purchases on second-hand apps such as Alibaba’s Xianyu, but they have quickly been shut down. “The government wants to clamp down on speculation,” Han said of the effectual ban on reselling NFTs in China. As opposed to the anonymous nature of ownership on public blockchains such as Ethereum, those developed by Chinese tech giants require real name registration accompanied by official identification documents as verification. The same NFT mania that has seen non-fungible tokens garner intense interest elsewhere is alive and well in China, but all is not what it seems in the country’s crypto universe.

Whether it was the aristocrats, theocrats or merchant classes, they ultimately commissioned artworks to be used as a tool for propaganda; as an expression of greatness, as evidence of virtue, or just to show off or generate wealth. It’s no big secret that at first, photography was not embraced by the art establishments as they viewed it as cheap art, the ability to capture a realistic representation with such ease was something believed to require no real skill or talent. Brief history, NFTs have brought about huge changes to visual culture and the art world in a similar way to photography, but to begin with, let’s define exactly what NFT art is. The latest tweet comes a couple of weeks after Lee predicted that the price of NFTs will eventually crash because supply will overwhelm demand. The Litecoin founder believes the price of NFTs will eventually crash because supply will overwhelm demand. It is on the path to becoming one of the hottest games in NFTs (non-fungible token). The Packs ranged from .01 for Core, 0.1 for Enhanced and .2 for Premium. Each pack type had a different number of cards and different odds at pulling cards of various rarities. There were 9,922 Parallel Alpha NFTs sold in the last 30 days.

What does parallel Finance do?

Parallel Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that offers lending and staking services. The company was founded by Yubo Ruan in 2021 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States.

Omni uses a pool-based money market model whereby users supply their assets to a pool to earn interest and instantly borrow from the pool when collateralizing their asset. Parallel Studios is developing the next AAA sci-fi franchise and leveraging blockchain/nft tech to deploy our IP as cards, games, comics, movies, & more! We are fast moving, innovative, & flexible in a way that has allowed us to grow rapidly into one of, if not the most well-regarded nft gaming companies in the world. We aim to continue breaking ground as we merge blockchain tech with traditional entertainment to create a new paradigm in which the users own parts of the digital worlds they grow to love. Using cryptocurrency to buy your NFT is a great way to invest in your wallet. Most NFTs on OpenSea are purchased and sold using Ether, the Ethereum blockchain’s native cryptocurrency.You can get your NFT by logging in to OpenSea.You will need to transfer ETH to a web wallet.parallel alpha nfts can be purchased directly from the NFT store. The game element of the project doesn’t actually exist yet; the early funding has been used to build it out. Parallel takes a substantial 10% royalty on NFT sales, with half of that going toward in-game prize pools and the rest going to the company. That money can mean bigger revenues for the core platform down the line, but when the entry-point to a game swells to a few thousand dollars, the nature of the “game” becomes something different entirely. Balancing a market that tempts investors with rarity but is also friendly to new users has been a big challenge for NFT gaming projects to tackle.
parallels nft
The founders, Merchant and Mr Gone, created the NFT card game in order to bring back that lost feeling of nostalgia. After you’ve secured some awesome legendaries, make sure you stay around as the next pack drop is scheduled to take place sometime in late October. We expect this drop to be 10 times as insane as the first one, so make sure you set those alarms and timers. Keep your eyes on the official Twitter as we get closer to that timeframe.” What I loved the most about this drop was that it didn’t price out the little guy. The Growth Spurt began organically all over discord and social media. In the last 30 days, the cheapest Parallel Alpha NFT sales were below $4, and the highest sales were for over $151. The median price for a Parallel Alpha NFT was $14 in the last 30 days.

NFTs being used as digital certificates of authenticity are becoming more commonplace in the art market to prevent scams and establish a genuine record of ownership, authenticity and provenance. NFT art has worked in a very similar way to photography in democratising art and making it more accessible. NFTs have given anyone with a crypto wallet the ability and opportunity to buy and sell artworks, own original pieces of art and to invest. This new form of digital art may play an essential role in the large-scale popularization of NFT. BitDegree Crypto Portfolio Tracker is a powerful crypto market analysis tool that helps to rank, uncover & track dApps, NFTs & DeFis in easier and much smarter ways. Read more about 1 bit to usd here. List real-time & historical crypto metrics, set conditional events, get instant signals, discover rising opportunities & reach your crypto strategies successfully. Parallel alpha nft dapp has seen a slight increase in sales in comparison to the previous seven days. In addition to being ranked seventh in the General BDG dApp Tracker category, it is also ranked sixth in the ETH category.

“Fashion is about the newest thing are something new and novel and global,” he said. These and other differences mean that, for brands, the mindset that consumers tend to have when considering the acquisition of “digital collectibles” in China, isn’t the same as that of people buying NFTs elsewhere. This also explains why the preferred term for NFT in China to date has been “digital collectible”, a more neutral tone reflecting the way in which Chinese regulators wish the sector to develop, as products that people collect, rather than flip in a trading frenzy. Even the Chinese government has recognised that allowing single companies control over independent blockchain fiefdoms is contrary to the nature of the technology. Regulations will continue to evolve but brands are already experimenting with digital collectibles as part of wider marketing campaigns. The lack of an officially sanctioned resale market for NFTs in China doesn’t mean offering NFT products won’t create value for brands. The NFT opportunity is different in China where tech giants are building a separate blockchain infrastructure driven by a government ban on cryptocurrency. Players can craft high-value Paragons, items, and equipment, which they can sell or rent to other gamers on the Parallel Marketplace.

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